” SILENCE, KEEP YOUR FINGER ON YOUR LIPS ” was the most hated punishment for me when I was in school. However I never took this punishment seriously but out of sheer respect towards my teachers, merely reduced my volume. 
                               Even today, I sincerely feel that words are uncut diamonds and if presented properly and skillfully, they enhance the beauty of the user and bring sparkle to eyes of others. 
                        Women love diamonds and so naturally, I loved words. Silence had always remained an unknown and unexplored realm for me. But one day I decided to venture into this alien zone. Somebody had told me— ” SILENCE SPEAKS”  and I wanted to hear it.
                            My decision to go for a three days silence course  received a slightly different yet basically the same reaction from my family.  Mr. Husband let out a hearty laugh, laced with abundant mockery.  Sweet daughter-in-law supported me whole heartedly , but the twinkling of her eyes and the grin on her face was clearly conveying something else. My dearest darling son  made a cocktail of  his  father’s  mocking laughter and his wife’s  mischievous grin and  served it to me with his practical advice– ” Mamma, One should not take up that venture which is bound to fail. YOU– IN SILENCE MODE,  HA-HA –WHAT A JOKE”

                         व्ययंग की इन बरछियों से हाय हम कट गए
                         मौन-व्रत के प्रण पर, किन्तु जम के डट गए ।।       
         Next day, I went to the Allahabad centre of  ‘Art Of Living’ and got enrolled for the three days silence course. What happened  during these three days is an interesting story and it will unfold in my forth-coming few posts. So remain with me and appreciate ——


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